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Chart Based on Sub Summary Data

Question asked by sccardais on Sep 22, 2014
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Chart Based on Sub Summary Data


I want to create a chart based on data in a Sub Summary report. 

A screenshot (partial) of the Sub Summary report is attached. I want to chart the first column (Year / Mo) and the 6th column, Net Promoter Score.

Year / Mo is a calculation field, indexed with Date result.

Net Promoter Score is a calculation field with unstored number result based on Summary fields using GetSummary function.

I would like to create this chart in a separate layout and I would like to be able to limit the chart to display data from different found sets using fields not on this layout. For example, a subset of Surveys from customers using one or more specific versions of the product which is stored in a field not shown on this layout.

Is it possible to do this?