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    Chart Filtering



      Chart Filtering


      Hi I am trying to make a chart for a work orders layout.

      I have a customer, they can have multiple work orders. this also shows price and a create date

      I want two graphs one that shows all work orders and filters them by the year in create date, which means i have to get the last 4 numbers in create date.

      Second graph is one that shows a chart of all sales by Customer.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated



      Rishi Khanna

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          But what will by your series of Y - values in each chart? The number of work orders? The total currency value? Either or both are possible.

          And "filters them by year" means what? That only data for the specified year appears in the chart? Or that you want one value plotted for each year? Again, both options are possible.

          It's very likely that you will need a calculation field with this expression: Year ( createDateFieldHere ) to get the value of the year from that date field.

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            My Y value is my currency value its in decimal format, i have about 1462 records right now, this will grow over time.


            Filter by year i mean that all work orders have a create date for example 20150811 , I have records that go back to 2012 is there a way I can make one chart that shows 2012,2013,2014,2015 graphs on the x values and the y values as the total currency for all those records




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              Technically, 20150811, is not a date, but text that can be decoded into a date. GetAsNumber ( Left ( Yourfield ; 4 ) ) would extract the date as a number from this text. You can define a calculation field to get this value and specify it at your X-series value. You can then define a summary field to compute the "Total" of your Work Orders value. This can then be specified as you Y-Series value.

              You would then use the "found set", "Summarized data" data source option for your chart object and you'd sort your records by this "year" calculation field.