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Chart frustration - only first record shown, not summary

Question asked by cosmocanuck on May 18, 2015
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Chart frustration - only first record shown, not summary


Hi all! Though I'm a fairly well-versed FM user, I'm working with charts for the first time. And I'm stumped on something that (AFAIK) is super simple.

The DB in question tracks donations for a charity, and I want to add a chart to show donation totals by year. Should be easy. The "Donations" table includes a field for the year of donation as well as the total amount. 

So, I make a new chart object and set it up as the screen shot below. X-axis is the year, Y-axis is the amount.

I've sorted all records by the year field (YearDeposited), and selected the "Summarize Groups of Records" option under Data Source.

Should work great. BUT...

I'm getting only the FIRST record for each year. It's sort of like a sub summary report situation,as  if I'd put a non-summary field in a summary part. But my understanding is that, with the settings I've chosen for the chart, that shouldn't happen - the Y-axis numbers should automatically be grouped. But... they're not.

What simple thing am I doing wrong?  8^)

Many thanks!