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    Chart help



      Chart help


      I have Table A which contains a field with company names and Table B wich contains the sales of each one of the companies of Table A.

      Now, I want to make a chart to show the sales related to the companies...

      ... and I don't know how to do it Undecided

      Any help would be nice!!!


      Thanks in advance.


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          How are the sales recorded for each company? Multiple records for each company or just one sales record for each company?

          Do you want a chart with one data point for each company or sometype of date related chart?

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            Table A

            Field: CompanyName

            (example: Toshiba; Acer; HP; Compaq etc.)


            Table B

            Field_1: Company

            Field_2: Sale

            (example: Toshiba, Satellite X1; HP, Notebook X1; Acer, Aspire X1; HP, Notebook X2; Acer, Aspire X2 etc)


            Now, in one chart I must put all the companies in one axis axis and the total count of each companies's sales in the other axis. So, the user could be able to see for example which company has more sales or which has the less.

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              So you have mutliple sales records for each company? These should be linked by a company ID field as company names, just like a person's name are subject to change and are not always unique.

              I rather suspect that at some point, you are going to say, "I need this to show sales for the month, quarter, year, or some other such range of dates. This is an important detail that needs to be accounted for from the start as a chart that does not take such a specified date range into account is much easier to set up here.

              Assuming you have a relationship such as:

              TableA::CompanyID = TableB::CompanyID

              You can create your chart on a layout based on TableA. You can specify Sum ( TableB::Sale ) for the Y axis and can specify the Use Data From Current Found Set option so that each record in TableA is one value on the X-axis.

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                Doesn't work! The sale isn't a number but text, so Sum function is not working. And Count function gives the same result to all companies! Tricky eh?

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                  I thought you were charting a dollar figure in a number field.

                  Count ( TableB::Sales )

                  Should return a count specific to each company. (This counts the number of related records.) If it doesn't, Check the relationships and the data used to match a company record to its sales.