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Chart in Many to Many Database

Question asked by JaredEkas on May 20, 2014
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Chart in Many to Many Database


     Three tables in question are [customers], [update], [products]   The relationship is many customers to many products with update being the join table.   The only field in update is the three primary keys, and a date timestamp

     The fields I'm trying to chart are [customers - "category"]  with   [products - "group"]

     Customers Category list would be for example:  RED, BLUE, GREEN

     In the (product details layout) related to the [products table], which shows a single product detail and the related customers in a portal, i would like to have a bar graph that shows the Customers Category as the X axis and the count of how many in that category have the current product shown in the layout in the Y axis.

     Probably a simple solution, i have tried to count several fields to get it to work without luck.

     Thanks in advance for your help.