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    Chart issues



      Chart issues



                   I'm working on a chart that shows date and qty shipped from a table similar to a 'lines table' in a general sense. I chose the date field on the x-axis and qty shipped on the y axis. I also set the data type as 'date' for x labels. But for some reason it is not showing any labels . The data is displayed fine but no labels for x-axis. If i change the data type in the chart setup it just shows a question mark, but when 'date format' is selected then nothing shows . Any ideas on what i may be doing wrong? The date field is setup as 'date' fyi.

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               What data source options did you select for your chart?

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                 Related records, lines table


                 What i want to show on the grab is how many units have been shipped on each date



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                   If you put it on your chart layout, does an unfiltered portal to Lines show the data that you want to chart?

                   Is there one Lines record for each date or could their be multiple related records with the same date?

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                     I have a portal unfiltered and it's showing everything iwant to chart.


                     There are multiple line records for each date . For example a part that has to be shipped can appear several times in the lines table with the same date and qty.

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                       Ok now i fixed it. What happened was the date field on the lines table was a lookup from the invoice table. I changed it to calculation to retrieve it from invoice table. Now works perfect!


                       With a slight another problem... if create another lines item for the same part it doesn't show under the same date label. It put another column or bar on the graph. I'm thinking it has something to do with a summary i may have to create?

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                         And it's not something easily done from the current layout. If you based your layout on the lines table, you can perform a find for the desired records that you want to chart and then sort them to group them so that each group is charted as a single bar. Your y-value series would refer to a summary field and your data source options would be for "summarized data".

                         From the current layout, you'd have to change to a delimited data, data source option and use ExecuteSQL to produce a return separated list of the sub totals. That's not an approach I can recommend unless you already have some knowledge of SQL, but it can be made to work.