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    Chart Issues?



      Chart Issues?


           I can't seem to figure out why my chart isn't grouping salary totals into one value for the department. Any suggestions?


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               Best guess is that you haven't sorted your records by Department. But other factors could also be at fault:

               The data should be from the current found set if the "wedge size" is determined by the summary field value of a group of records.

               Unlike summary reports, you can only sort the data for a chart object's found set on a single field--a singularly frustrating limitation on charting data!

               If the last "gotcha" is at fault, there is usually a way to set up a special "sort field" that is a calculation field combining the data from the fields you would normally sort on separately in such a way as to get the same record grouping. But if your department names are unique, this won't be necessary.

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                 The department names are in fact unique, although in a value list if that makes any difference. How would that sort field look? What function is best used in this type of situation?


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                   If the department names are unique, can you not just sort records on that one department field?

                   For any calculation field, I'd need to know what other fields you would need to use in your sort order if this were a summary report instead of a chart. If memory serves, you also have a section field?

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                     Its a company sector. We have two divisions of the company, industrial and engineering. Each sector has their own departments within which have unique names. What I am trying to do is create a personnel database to record all salary employees and their annual salaries. This is so the company president can look at the chart and see which departments have the highest salaries and compare against their department budgets. 

                     So ultimately, I want to be able to look at the pie chart and see which company departments are eating up the most of the budget, including their dollar value and percentage value. 

                     What I thought I needed to do was have the category labels as departments and the slice data as the department totals. The DepartmentTotal field is a summary (total of AnnualSalary). 

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                       So if you set up a calculation field that combines the Sector name with the department name like this:

                       SectorName & " " & DepartmentName

                       You can sort on this one field and group your records by Sector and by Department.