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    Chart Justification Issue



      Chart Justification Issue



           I have very limited programming knowledge, so hopefully this is an easy one.  I've set up a simple bar chart in filemaker pro 12 and having problems with the display.  When looking at the chart on the mac, iPad and iPhone, the information shrinks and expands as it should depending on the device.  Everything looks normal on the larger screen mac.  However, on the iPhone and iPad, there is a large space to the left of the graph and a tiny bit of the right side is cut off.  

           Is there a way to push everything to the left?



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               When you open the layout in layout mode on the mac, is there space between the left hand edge of the chart and the layout?

               Have you used the "stencils" for different iPads and iPhones to see how they "fit" your layout.

               My best guess is that you need to move the chart to the left while in layout mode in order to reduce the space on that side of the chart object, but one generally needs to design separate layouts for Mac, iPhone and iPad in order to get the most from each device. A script can detect which device has the database open and select layouts accordingly.

               There's even a script trigger that is tripped when you rotate an iOS device that can be used to change layouts as a way to get the layout to adapt to the change in orientation.

               Here's a link on FM GO tricks that you might find useful: An Old Dog learns some new tricks...

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                 Thanks for the response!  Yes, I understand the ideal way to do this is to make specific adjustments for each device.  However, 99% of the time I'm viewing on my iPhone and don't really care what the other views look like.  Unfortunately, I can't get it to look right on the phone.  Ha.

                 To  answer your question, here is a screen shot.  In layout mode, the space is big on the left.  when you click "setup chart" it looks normal in the design mode there.  Ideas?


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                   I've been playing with a chart object and see what you mean. I can reduce the left padding to zero in the inspector's Appearance tab and get things to shift a few pixels to the left, but I still get a lot of wasted pace between the Y-axis title and the left hand edge of the chart object--not a good thing on limited iPhone screens. frown

                   While I can't offer a fix other than to switch to a vertical bar chart format, I recommend bringing this to FileMaker's attention by posting a bug report on this over in Report an Issue.

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                     OK.  Thanks for checking.  I didn't see anything obvious to adjust.  One question… I've considered upgrading to Filemaker Pro 13.  Would that resolve this issue, or do you know?  I don't really need the upgrade, but if chart functionality has been improved, it may be worth doing.


                     Thanks again!

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                       I was replicating your issue using FileMaker 13.0v3 Advanced in Windows 7, so while this version has many nice new features to offer, this issue will remain unresolved if you upgrade.

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                         OK.  Good to know.  Thanks again!