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    Chart labels



      Chart labels


      I have a small DB that gathers wind speed, direction gusts, etc.  I gather every 1/2 hour, so 48 entries a day.

      When I try to make a chart, the visuals are all correct (just picking a single day)

      But the time stamps, which should be along the bottom, only shows the first 2 entries' worth. (12am and 12:30am)

      I thought it might be because of the current selected record, but scrolling through the found set doesn't change it.


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          What options have you specified in chart set up?

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            I've tried as many combos as I can think of.

            Though a little fast forward; I made a new table and new chart (other data) and it was working correctly.  I'm gonna try a delete chart and  fresh start (maybe something stuck in the background)  This was an exercise in playing with charts.

            One thing I'd like to do, but haven't seen a chart type that fits, (in any program or plug-in) is to take wind speed and direction and show circularly.  Not even sure it can be done well.  I like to sail and knowing that the left shift is better helps at the finishline ;)

            I know I'm asking for a lot on that.

            (Hey Phil, you get a paycheck form FM?  You should!  You are *always* there with/offering help! )

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              You may have tried many options, but only one set of those were in place when you captured the screen shot you've uploaded. If you are still stuck, let me know your current settings and maybe I'll spot something that will put the wind back in your sails.