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Chart Layouts to display based on Year?

Question asked by BrentPowers on Feb 24, 2015
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Chart Layouts to display based on Year?


Have a questionnaire set up in which we are tracking change over time of our members.  Answers are inputted through layout::Quality of Life Questionnaire.  Each year's questionnaire is located on its own tab (within the QOLQ layout) and each has its own Survey_ID while all four years (tabs) have a Member_ID.  All answers are stored in their respective layouts/tables based on the section of the questionnaire (Statistics, Questions, and Activities).  All tables are related based on the Member_ID.

Now I have chart layouts saved and they work amazing, but they are pulling from all inputted data where I would love to look at a slice of that data by year.

I thank you in advance for any assistance y'all can provide.  This community has always been helpful and supportive, even for those of us who fumble around in the dark.