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Chart on Layout based on Related Records

Question asked by themactech. on Jan 9, 2015
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Chart on Layout based on Related Records


I had it working for a short bit and then it went wonky.. ugh

I have a layout called Manufacturing and each record has a handful of related Tasks. As users complete the Tasks they are marked as DONE. On the Manufacturing table I have a portal that shows the related tasks and they can see which ones are marked complete. But i was thinking of putting some sort of "progress bar" on the layout. So i started working with a chart. And I had it working but i broke something and now I'm all confused.

On the chart I had it set up to see one stacked bar. that shows.. complete vs incomplete tasks. Check the attached image. I don't need to see the legend of axis titles, etc. I made it very plain just so you can get a quick reference of how many tasks are finished vs how many more to go.

I was using related summary fields and count fields.. but like I said it took a dump. What I'm looking for is the best way to show a count of completed and uncompleted related tasks for each manufacturing record that I can use on that layout.

ultimately I'd like to have this viewable on a Dashboard.. but first things first.