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Chart out of multiple fields

Question asked by MilutinPetrovic on Nov 15, 2012
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Chart out of multiple fields




     I have 5 separate fields, called LK, ILR, DP, KS, NP, in a table called Main and I want make a chart out of it. 

     The data in the fields are simple numbers (like 2,3,5, etc). I have made a button on my main page which has a script, and it calculates the sum of the fields and transfers to a layout for the chart. The script looks like this:

     Go To Record [First]
     Set Variable [$IRL; Value $IRL+ Main::IRL]
     Go To Record [Next; Exit after last]
     End Loop

     Now, I am having an issue in creating the labels, and with the fact that the data is not represented correctly in chart!

     Please help! Thanks... :)