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    Chart question



      Chart question


      Hi guys,

      What I want to do is to get a bi-weekly report of orders in a chart from orders table.
      Order table consists of :  Order date, amount.
      If I wanted to get a report of total sales per date in a daterange, how could I achieve it?
      Also, would it be possible to create a dashboard like layout to display many different.  Would that be possible?

      Thank you!!


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          Step 1 ( get a chart of total order amounts with one chart bar for each day for a two week time period)

          Define a summary field, sOrderTotal as the total of amount.

          Set up your chart with:

          Order date on the x axis

          sOrderTotal on the Y axis

          Use data from current found set

          Show data points for groups of records when sorted.

          Perform a find for all records in your biweekly time period. Sort them by Order Date.

          Step 2 needs more clarification as to what you want to see on the screen, but there are several ways to modify this basic set up to show more than one chart at a time. If you add a field that identifies each record's Bi-weekly time period, you can even put this chart in a sub summary part "when sorted by" this same added field, then sort your records first by this new field, then by order date.

          There are also ways to do this with portals.