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Chart question, $5 PayPal donation for solution.. desperate.

Question asked by SebastianSjöqvist on Jul 19, 2010
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Chart question, $5 PayPal donation for solution.. desperate.


Sorry for the silly amount, I'm still a student. Been working on this problem for hours now and I'm getting so frustrated. I hope I don't break any forum rules by this.

I'm working on a database to be used with medical research. I'll just explain a small portion of it to describe my problem.

* Every experiment have one patient and every patient have a fixed number of lab values.

* Every experiment have a variable number of controls (patient brother, sister, father, transport control, local control etc) and these controls have the same lab values as the patient.

* I need to plot these values on a graph, every individual (patient or control) has its own serie. So the user of the database need to be able to add controls and they show up in the graph.

This was done in Excel earlier and was working quite well but of course a database is more efficient for datamining etc.

I'm attaching two images, one of the excel file to give you the idea of what I want to do and one of the mini model of my database that I've been using to try to solve this.

Would be very grateful for help on this, and once again, I hope I don't break any rules by this post.