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Chart with two y axis from different tables

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Oct 28, 2013
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Chart with two y axis from different tables


     Is it possible to have a chart that has 2 different y axis where each is from different tables? Does one table occurence need to be connected directly to the other if this is to work. If so, through which PK and FK?

     I've attached a database screen shot. To explain better, the 2 tables in question are Oil Samples and Service History | Oil Data. I would like to have a chart with a y-axis data from each of these tables. In terms of relationships, what would need to be done to make this happen? What table would the layout have to be based on?

     Also, the y-axis data are based on dates, but the dates from each table isn't the same. Will this pose a problem displaying the data correctly?

     Thanks in advance!