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Chart X Axis Re Scales

Question asked by Harry on Mar 25, 2015
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Chart X Axis Re Scales


Hi Board!

I have a 'Months' table, Jan-Dec, 12 records.


There are three fields in this table - Sales_Forecast, Sales_Entered, Sales_Shipped.


Sales_Forecast is an entered number field.

Sales_Entered is a Sum Calc from a table occurance

Sales_Shipped is a Sum Calc from a table occurance.


I've set up a column chart that displays the Months across the bottom, it works. The same chart has money on the Y and i've entered the scale and increments, so it holds and works OK.


What I want to do is make one chart with Sales_Forecast, then another chart with Sales_Entered and put one on top of the other. That way, I get to control the colour of each chart. The 'Forecast' can be green, the 'Entered' can be Orange. One can fit underneath the other with transparency enabled.


My problem is that if I make the first chart, copy it and then alter the Data for the Y axis to be the other Field, the Scale of the *X* axis changes.

The boundary box of the charts in Layout mode are the same size, but when you click to Browse mode, the columns are spaced differently.


Why is this?? I can't get it to line up correctly at all!