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Chart: Plot Summary Data Over Time

Question asked by sccardais on Apr 1, 2014
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Chart: Plot Summary Data Over Time


     I'm having trouble plotting Summary data on a standard column chart.

     All of the data needed is in one table: Surveys.

     X Axis = Year_Month

     The x axis is based on a calculation field (Year_Month) that converts a date in another field to yyyy-mm format. This allows grouping of Surveys by month.

Y Axis = Net Promoter Score

     Surveys have a field "Score" containing a number value between 1 - 10.

     A calculation field "NPS_Category" assigns each Survey to a group depending on the value in "Score."

     NPS_Category can hold one of three values, "Promoter", "Passive" or "Detractor".

     The Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the % of records in the found set classified as "Detractors" from the % classified as "Promoters.".


     For 100 Surveys with Year_Month = 2014-03.

     40 are classified as Promoters. 20 as Detractors.

     The Net Promoter Score for 2014-03 would be 20%. (40/100)-(20/100)*100

     I'm having trouble getting the y axis to adjust for each change in Year_Month. It's showing the same value rather than adjusting up and down.