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    Charting Calculation



      Charting Calculation


           Setup us an audit file using:


           All questions are answered by selecting either "Yes" or "No"

           All audits are one of three audit types, Hole Watch, Fire Watch, Bottle Watch

           There are 36 questions in total with each having an audit type field grouping the questions for audit type.

           I'm trying to build a couple of charts to help build a dashboard.

           1st, I tried to develop a stacked column chart that shows how many yes's and no's were found in a timeframe, the last month, for each audit type

           And 2nd, I tried to build a chart that showed how many times each question was answered  "Yes" or No"

           Any ideas out there?

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               Can you describe your chart in a bit more detail?

               I understand that the Y data series will count yes answers. But what are you specifying for the X axis?

               Will each bar be a different audit of the same type for a chart of a single audit? Or will you want to chart the combined "yes" results for several audits fo the same type with one bar for each question so that you can see how many audits got a "yes" response for each question?

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                 I would like it to be stacked column showing the combined "yes" results and in a different color the combined "no" results for several audits of the same type with one bar for each question

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                   Which means that you need a sub total count of the number of answers for a given question that are "yes" and the number that are "no".

                   The following should be set up on a layout based on Audit_Question:

                   First define a calculation field, cYesFlag, that returns a number result type:

                   AnswerField = "yes"

                   define cNoFlag as:

                   AnswerField = "no"

                   Define two summary fields, sTotalYes, sTotalNo as the total of cYesFlag and cNoFlag respectively.

                   Now you can set up your stacked bar chart with two y axis data series. Use sTotalYes and sTotalNo as the fields for these two series. Specify a Question field that identifies the question as the X-Axis data series to label the bars.

                   For a data source option, make sure that the "summarized data" option is specified.

                   This chart will show data from all records in your found set so you'll need to pull up the desired found set of records and then sort the records in order to group them by question.