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Charting Event Dates

Question asked by kleink on Feb 27, 2014
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Charting Event Dates



     I'm trying to create a bar graph for an new events database to meet our "calendar" needs.  I want the chart to be broken done by how many events a month- so assigning the "Event ID" field to Y and "Date" field to X but it doesn't work.  It's culminating all the events instead of breaking it up. For example, there are 29 events total in the database so far- 5 in March, 12 in April, 4 in May, and 8 in June. The first bar in the graph goes up to 5 but then the next goes up to 17, the next to 21, etc. Any ideas on how to solve this?  I know there are calendar options out there to buy but a chart would be fine if we can get it right. Am I assigning the wrong fields to the axis? Is there some other solution to creating a calendar like bar graph?