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    Charting evolution of a scale score vs time



      Charting evolution of a scale score vs time


      Hi all

      My db is used for monitoring patient parameters and outcomes. The basic structure is :

      - Parent table with patient name, address, contact details, etc

      - Child table, with appointment dates for each patient and also the severity of patients' disease according to rating scales (for some appointments corresponds a score for a scale, since they are not performed every time)

      I have already created a line chart trying to depict the evolution of the scores (Y-axis) vs time (X-axis). I 've modified the X-axis according to a calculation, so that it shows MM/YY. But it doesn't work nice. First of all, the time axis is not depicted intuitively. It is separated into equal segments, each one corresponding to the appointment date. So if the first appointment was 10 months ago, the second 2 months ago and the 3rd 1 month ago, all these dates appear as if they are distanced equally. The second problem is that if 2 appointments happen in the same month, the charts shows 2 different points in the X-axis with the same date.

      I 'm trying to make the time axis correspond to a real time line, and maybe cut down the precision into weeks (or days if possible). In order to achieve this, I should have to set limits for the X-axis, say about 1 month before the first appointment of that very patient (so that the 1st point in the chart is not right on the edge) up to the last appointment (plus 1 more month forward into the future for the same reason). It would be desirable, if via a button or some other option, the user had the option of defining the timelimits of the X-axis.All this is supposed to be a line chart.

      Is there a way to do this in FM pro?

      I 've search the forums and found only one similar question, the answer to which was to create a dummy table with dates and link it. Could it achieve what I 'm after?




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          What do you want to show on the graph if there were two appointments in the same month?

          Creating "dummy dates" for the in between months and interpolating the Y-Axis data--which then usually assumes a straight line Y = mX + B curve between points is the only way to do this with just FileMaker's native Chart Object. You might also explore any current charting plug ins or using Java Script in a web viewer as alternative approaches that might not require this kind of "fudging" to get a meaningful chart.

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            Thanks for the lightning fast answer Phil

            Sometimes, people may get a relapse (that will correspond to a scale score spike) and after 1-2 weeks there will be recovery (meaning that scores will be reduce). So the chart could be used to show this activity within a month.

            So basically, the dummy table is the only viable option within FM for something like this if i understand correctly.


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              I don't see how you can show that "Spike" if you are only plotting against a monthly scale. You could show the Max, the Min or the Average of this value from the two appointments, but you are only going to see one point on the chart.

              And I described two other viable options besides dummy data used to get the x-axis correct. Both would be "within FM" but would use tools other than the built in Charting Object.

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                thanks gain Phil.

                I 'll look into the options mentioned.