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Charting Expiration Dates

Question asked by TylerNelson on Dec 13, 2013
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Charting Expiration Dates



     So my client wants a chart that he thinks is simple, but I'm racking my brain to build it in Filemaker. 

     I have a Projects (Films/TV shows) table and each Project some of the projects have "Options" with 2 expirations dates, one for the initial term and another for the extended term (generally 2-5 years). 

     The Client wants a stacked bar chart with the list of optioned Projects on the Vertical Axis (Easy) and a timeline on the horizontal axis extending over the course of say 4-5 years with bars that represent the lifetime of each project ending on the expiration date. 

     Can anyone suggest a calculation for the X-Asis data using the 2 expiration dates to plot the bars on the horizontal axis???

     I have a calculation field in Projects that calculates the number of days left in each option term. But if I chart that it won't be exactly linear... I know my client envisions the horizontal axis to include every month, but I don't know if that's possible.

     I'm basing the Graph in a globals table with 1 record and relating it to Projects (delimited data) with a Constant1 = BooleanField for Projects that have Options. Maybe this will require putting the graph in a different context...