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    Charting Help



      Charting Help


      I have a table of reptile records to track info on serverl reptiles, and a related table for weight and lenght of reptiles

      i have in the weight and lenght table:

      Record_ID (auto serial)

      Date (date the record was recorded)

      Reptile_ID(there is a relationship set between this field and record_ID in the reptile Table)


      Weight_Units(g,lbs,kg,oz ect)


      Lenght_Units(in,cm,feet ect)


      SO what im trying to chart is progress of weight gained over time (weekly or monthly) and a seperate chart to show progress of lenght. i hope this makes sense and wanna thank anyone who takes the time to help me out, its much appreciated.



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          Do you want to change the change in weight or the weight?

          When you try to set up this chart for yourself using the chart tool, where do you encounter difficulty?

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            Well im not sure how to set the x axis and y axis,

            y axis should showmeasurements of weight such as 50grams,100grams,150grams,200grams,250grams ect...

            and the x axis should show jan,feb,mar,apr ect based on the date the record was added.

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              Are these measurements taken monthly or do you need the full date shown for each data point?

              You can create your chart on a layout based on the Reptiles table or the measurements table. I'll assume a layout based on the measurements table. I'll also assume you just need the name of the month for monthly measurements.

              Use the chart tool to draw a box on your Reptiles layout.

              For Horizontal Axis, specify "calculation" and enter this expression to label each point with the month name: MonthName ( WeightLength::Date )

              For the vertical Axis, specify the Weight field.

              At the bottom of the dialog, select "Related Records" from the Use Data From drop down.

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                The monthly measurments worked great, Thanks a bunch!

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                  hmmm, on the chart field its showing repeating month names on the horizontal axis, because i have several entries per month, how can i tell the chart to add up all the values to a particular month and just display the total weight gained in that month and same for the next months.

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                    That is why I asked if the measurements were taken monthly or not.

                    We can handle this, but without modifying your table design, we'll need to set the chart up on a layout based on the table of measurements instead of the Reptiles table. That means you'll need to perform a find for the desired Reptile and range of dates prior to viewing the chart, then sort the records to group them by month.

                    Define a summary field as the Maximum of your weight field.

                    Add this calculation field: cMonth, defined as: date - day ( Date ) + 1

                    This computes a common date (the first day of the month) for every date in the same month.

                    Set up your chart the same way, but with these changes:

                    Use the summary field in place of the weight field for the Y-Axis.

                    Select: Current Found Set and Show Data Points for Groups of Data When Sorted in the lower portion of the dialog box.

                    This will chart the largest weight measurement for any given measurement of a given month.

                    You could also use a summary field that computes the average or the minimum weight for the month if you prefer.