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charting help needed

Question asked by denno on Nov 17, 2010
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charting help needed


Hopefully I can explain my problem...

The records in my database are for patient visits and list the doctor and type. Type has 3 options. I have created a report that summarizes the percent of visits in each type by doctor. (screenshot)

The report displays as



TypeA 5%

TypeB 45%

TypeC 50%


TypeA 20%

TypeB ...


I would like to create 3 charts that displays the same information. Each chart would represent 1 of the 3 visit types. The X axis would be the doctors and the Y axis would show the doctor's percentage of visits of that type. I figured out how to get the 3 charts to display. My problem is figuring out what fields to use for the Y axis values. I have tried a number of combinations and can't get what I want.

In the example above, the chartA would display Name1 and Name2 on the X-axis. Y-axis values would be 5% and 20%.

The "fr" field is defined as

GetSummary (type count ; type) / GetSummary (doctor count ; doctorname)

The chart is in a SubSummary by Type. Records are sorted by (1) Type (2) doctorname

Thanks for any help-