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    Charting information in a Portal



      Charting information in a Portal



      I'm working on an Stock Portfolio database that tracks stock holdings across multiple accounts. In my Account Table which is linked to my Transactions table I have created a portal using a self join relation ship as well as a portal filter to show which stocks are held in that specific account. The Data displays correctly in the portal. With the filter. 

      What I need to do now is place a chart on the Account Layout that I have that will show the Data displayed in the portal. Currently when I place the chart on the layout it show 16.67% and only shows a label for one item that does not even display in my portal. The other 16.7% values show no label. 

      Any advice or ideas on how to get this to work would be apreciated


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          Charting data inside filemaker is new and pretty primitive.

          As far as tests that I have just made seem to show, your pie chart will chart the first value of each group of records unless you use a field such as a calculation field to compute an aggregate value of all the related records. Neither option is what you've asked for here as your wedges are based on each record in the found set of your parent table.

          As far as I can determine, charting portal records so that each record in the portal is a different wedge of the pie chart can't be done with filemaker's native charting tool.

          You can chart it on a layout based on your portal's table and a button could switch you to this layout or pop the chart up in a new window.