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Charting Issue...Omit or filter calculation...

Question asked by productionQC on May 2, 2013
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Charting Issue...Omit or filter calculation...



     I am trying to chart some test data in our FMP database.  We have a check box on our layout that allows users when entering test results to mark it as defective, meaning something went wrong in the test procedure and that data should be recordered but not used.  So in my chart data I am using a calculation with an IF statement to ignore records with the check box filled in.  The problem that this presents is that any record that is check leave a gap in the chart, it is not actually gone, rather just shows no value on X or Y axis.  Thus, I can have a line graph that has major gaps because the spot for the data is allocated but really there is no data.  My calculation in charts to filter out the checked records is as follows:  If ( Products::TestOmit ≠ "OMIT RECORD" ;  Products::TestResult ; "").  So I am assuming that the issue is with using "" when I want to omit that record, it's telling it to leave a blank, rather than no data at all.  Thus, it creates the gaps in my charts.  Is there an alternative to using "" or a whole other approach I should look at, like somehow using the omit function.  Any sugestions out there?


     Thanks in adavance