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    charting monthly totals



      charting monthly totals


           I have a database of ultrasound exams performed and would like to be able to chart the number performed in each month/year (X axis would be Jan12, Feb12, Mar12, etc.). There is a date field for "exam date."


           I found this thread:



           but need more detail about how to proceed after creating the calc field: 

      Date(Month(yourdatefield); 1 ; Year(yourdatefield))



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               Define a summary field that counts a never empty field such as exam date in your table.

               I will call the above calculation field, cMonth. Make sure that "date" is specified as the field's return type.

               You can use this expression in the chart setup to label your x-axis:

               Left(MonthName ( YourTable::exam Date ) ; 3 ) & Right ( Year ( YourTable::exam date ) ; 2 )

               Use the summary field as the field for your Y-Axis

               Make sure that your data source settings are for "found set", "groups when sorted".

               Then be sure to sort your records by cMonth.

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