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charting moving average and moving standard error of the mean

Question asked by KlausShuler on Jul 15, 2013
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charting moving average and moving standard error of the mean



     I am new to Filemaker Pro and am trying to set up a dashboard of sorts for physicial satisfaction socres, among other things.  One thing I would liek to do would be to set up a graph of the average of all cumulative results on the y axis and the date n the x-axis.  On top of that I would like to calculate a moving stanard error of the mean (standard deviation divided by the squar root of the cumulative number of samples).

     The graph below is a simple example made in Excel, where thi is easy to do.  The top line is the top 95th% confidence interval, the middle is the mean, and the bottom is the lower 95th% confidence interval.


     I have about 20 physicians and would like to be able to track this individually from monthly satisfaction scores for a dashboard for each physician.


     Does anybody have any idea how this might be done?  My satisfaction database has the names linked to a demographics table, then several different indicators of patient satisfaction, as we get several kinds of data.  It is only the monthly patient satisfaction that I would like to trend in this way.