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Charting Occurences in Dropdown List

Question asked by neilgalang on Feb 14, 2012
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Charting Occurences in Dropdown List



I need help in charting and summarizing the occurences of certain items located in separate dropdown lists.


Background: Basically I am running a database of several patient records. Each record has 10 separate dropdown lists of each possible treatment per session (ie Assessment, Heat, Cold, Range of Motion etc) for 10 sessions. Each session has a dropdown selection for the differenet treatments.

 THe Problem: My boss is asking me to summarize and chart the number of each treatment occurence-- such as the number of patients who underwent Heat Therapy for a certain time period. In the summary options I am only able to sort using the ten treatments, the choices in the dropdown aren't included in the summary options. Is there a way to work around this please?


your help will be much apprecieated.