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Charting percentages in delimited view

Question asked by Atcha on Jul 10, 2015
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Charting percentages in delimited view



I am completely stuck trying to get a percentage display in a pie chart and don't see what I am doing wrong. perhaps someone can set me straight. I have a field a in Table A linked via join table X to table B and I would like to display in percentages how many associated records a specific field a has in table B as compared to the total number of associated records in table B for all values of field a.


Table A already has a calculated field (freq) that shows how many records in Table B are associated with a specific value in Table A and the join Table contains a summary field for the number of records in that table (this corresponds to the total number of associations between tables A and B). I set up a pie chart in the form based on Table A, with the DataSource based on the current record, the Category label of the chart based on the freq field and the Slice Data based on the summary field in the join table giving me the total number of records and hence associations. This does not work: it gives me 100% whatever I do. The total number of records is clearly limited to the one record in view, but I cannot switch to an undelimited view because then I am presented with all values for field a. How do I set this up so I see a pie chart showing a precentage of a whole?