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    charting problem



      charting problem




      i have a terrible  charting and report problem
      i want to chart categories of a database base on a related set of records.
      The structure of the database is a table of financial assets each one belongs to a category.
      Every month I receive the fair value of the assets that are being managed by differents banks.

      Table One


      Asset; category; date of report; bank;value

      Table Two
      Date of report


      For ech "Date of report" record I want to visualize a pie chart by category for each  bank of the related records of thar date of report

      I can´t get that kind of chart.
      please help


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          Are you able to place a portal to Table One on your Table Two layout that lists the values you want as wedges in your pie chart, one portal row for each "wedge"?

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            unfortunately no,

            But I think that using another table tha summarice the information could do the job. But for every date of report Iwill have to change the value of the date of report. I'm right?

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              If you can't get that kind of portal display, then you won't be able to get your pie chart to chart data from the related records correctly as far as I know.

              While you could do it that way, I don't see why you'd need to change the date each time.

              All you've descrbed for table 2 is a single field, Date of Report.

              If you simply create a new record with a different date of report each time and have this relationship:

              Table2::DateofReport = ChartElements::DateofReport

              Then you can have a different chart for each date, just by clicking from record to record while in form view.

              "ChartElements" could be a new table needed to get the records to relate as needed for your pie chart or Table 1 might serve--it depends on how you've structured your data in that table.

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                so in order to vie the elements in categories I have to create a new table of categories for each "date of report"

                Table one

                asset;category;date of report;bank;market value

                Table Categories

                Category;date of report;bank;"sum(tableone::Market Value)"

                Table Categories::Date of report=Tableone::date of report

                TAble Report::Date of report=table categories::date of report

                The records of the Table must be created every time a import the data in table one.

                My results are very poor

                i want to keep simple and for every date of report , bases on calculations and relationships get my chart




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                  Not quite, Any reason TableOne can't be used for this? Do you have one record per category per date in this table? If so, then you don't need the categories table.

                  If you need the categories table, you need this relationship:

                  Categories::DateofReport = TableOne::DateofReport AND
                  Categories::Category = TableOne::Category

                  (Note that Category might just be some type of asset identifier if each asset is to have its own wedge in the pie chart.)