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    Charting problem



      Charting problem


           Having used Bento since it came out, I'm now trying to get everything moved to Filemaker 12. I'm nearly in over my head but I am making progress. 

           My current problem is I have a chart with date and sales. But the chart shows ALL the dates in the database making it unreadable. I would like the chart to only show the last year or 365 days. I really have no clue how to do this and can't find anything in the book I bought or on the forum, mainly because I really don't know what to search for.

           Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated!


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               The precise answer depends on the structure of your data and how you set up your chart.

               If your chart is based on the current found set, you need only perform a find for the records with the dates that you want to include and then your chart will only be based on that data.

               To manually find all the records with dates in 2013, you can enter find mode type in 2013 and click the perform find button in the tool bar.

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                 Thanks, I'll give it a try!

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                   Ok, I've set a button to find with these operators:  >=1/1/2013  And this gives me a chart for this year.

                   This is a big step in the right direction but I can't figure out how to modify the operators to give me a find for, say, the last 60 days. In other words, a chart that would change each day to show the last 60 or 365 days.

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                     To find records for this year, you only have to enter: 2013. You don't need the rest though it works.

                     You can set up scripted finds that find data using the inequality operator or a date range where a calculation computes that range from the date returned by Get ( CurrentDate ).

                     See this thread for a number of examples of such finds: Scripted Find Examples

                     In such a script you can use a calculation such as: ">" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 60 or you can use: Get ( CurrentDate ) - 60 & "..." Get ( CurrentDate )

                     Note that the second option won't return the same records as the first if you have records with dates from the future.