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    Charting problem (break field)



      Charting problem (break field)


           Currently i am trying to chart data in a very large database,

           Facilities -> Payment Statements

           New Payment Statement comes each month

           Theres roughly 1000 facilities and i want a chart to show 2 series', 1 for the selected facility and one that shows summary data for all of the facilities together (weather or not the selected facility is included it does not matter)

           It needs to show data over the course of 12 payment statements (1 year)

           Having a few problems grouping the data, when i try and sort it by 'Facility::Selected' then by "Payment Statements::Yearmonth_n" it's trying to make the axis 'selected' not 'yearmonth'


           anyone able to make sense of this one?

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               Can you explain what you want to see in your chart in a bit more detail?

               Do you want to see 12 points plotted (12 bars in a bar chart perhaps?) where each represents a single month of the year? (Or maybe a fiscal year?)

               Given the large number of facilities, I don't think you want one point for each facility for each month so I don't understand why you are sorting by Facilities instead of just by monthYear.

               PS. I use this calculation when I want to group dated records by month in chronological order:

               DateField - Day ( DateField ) + 1

               It returns the date of the first day of the month for all dates.

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                 Reason i'm grouping by facilities is because it's a comparison, i need one facility by itself and the rest of the facilities together

                 Series 1: Facility X

                 Series 2: Averages for All Facilities

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                   In what kind of chart? Bar Chart? Line Chart? or ???