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    Charting question



      Charting question


      I've been trying my hand at charting data in Filemaker using Google Charts.


      My question is, how do you get Filemaker summary data into a format that can be used in a charting add-in? For example, I have a summary report showing month and Sales for the month like this:


      Jan 09    4,550,351

      Feb 09    2,854,654

      ...and so forth. 


      Google charts just grabs the totals for the period I am specifying rather than the individual months.


      It seems that all this chart stuff wants to grab data out of a portal.  If that is so, what's the best way to move summary report data into a portal?

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          If this is too simple, apologies. 

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               OK, let me re-word my issue:  How do you get your summary data into a format all these add-on charts use?  Because they don't seem to like summary data--they want raw data.
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              If I understand you're problem correctly, essentially what you're going to need to do is build your own summary data using a script.


              1. Get you found set

              2. Sort it by date

              3. Loop through your data and build a series of variables

                      For example

                          Case (

                          Month ( Date ) = 1 ; $JanuaryTotal + Total

                          Month ( Date ) = 2 ; $FebruaryTotal + Total


                          Month ( Date ) = 12 ; $DecemberTotal = Total


              4. Send your data to Google


              Obviously this is much simplified; you'll need to consider that your found set might span more than a year, might not begin in January, might spread over a December 31 / January 1 period, etc.  If I'm on the right track, though, let me know and I can help you out more.