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Charting Sales by month over 2 years

Question asked by OmarFahmy on Apr 15, 2013
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Charting Sales by month over 2 years



     As per attached screenshot, I have the relationship graph to enable me to report the monthly sales over 2 years. 

     When I try to chart the data using the x-axis as Monthname(cMonth) and y-axis with 2 series ( series1: 2012, data: Unique_Cust::csumSiblingAmt_Cust (summary of total amount sales) and series2: 2011, data: Unique_Cust 2::csumSiblingAmt_Cust) the chart can only accept related records from one table ( either Unique_Cust or Unique_Cust 2) and this causes the values in the y-axis for one to display correctly but the other to be the same value for all months.

     can someone help out with this ??