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Charting Trends With A Pie Chart For Safety Audit Database.

Question asked by CalebTurner on May 9, 2014
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Charting Trends With A Pie Chart For Safety Audit Database.



     So I've created this Safety Audit Database that is very simple, as a matter of fact it is one table simple complete with two layouts for 2 devices, iPad and iPhone. The audit basically asks 12 questions that are answered by checking yes or no by using a checkbox set with two custom values, yes you guessed it, yes and no.  The fields that hold question data are labeled Question 1, Question 2, and so forth. The fields that the checkbox set info goes in to are labeled as Question 1 A, Question 2 A, etc...  Basically I need two charts, one pie chart that finds all the questions answered with a no and shows the top 5 by specifying two dates and finding the data for all audit records that occurred between those two dates, I do have a date field that is automatically populated once a record is created. The other is a bar graph that shows every no recorded for every question for every record.  I've botched every attempt I've made to accomplish this... PLEASE HELP!