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Charting... X-axis values labels display question

Question asked by tcmeyers on Oct 17, 2011
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Charting... X-axis values labels display question


I'm charting data gathered with FileMaker by querying a PLC, and I haven't figured out how to nicely label the X (time) axis. The problem is that there are typically 1000 records being charted, with one or more collected values being dispayed, and each record carries a timestamp, which is the value used in the chart for the X axis. The way I'm doing it (the only way I've figured out) the timestamp for each data point is printed below the X axis, and since they are so close together, this produces a "smear". What i had hoped to do would be to label the X axis only every 30 minutes or so. I figured out a calc on the timestamp that would produce text only at each 30 minute mark, but wasn't able to find a separate way to set that as what should be shown below the X axis.

I've attached a screen shot of a chart. Am I missing something?