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Charts - axis parameters

Question asked by AnneC on Jan 13, 2013
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Charts - axis parameters


     Hi again...sheepish to be asking for help again, but learning is the best!!

     I've got a database for patient records. Each patient has several visits (baseline, follow-up1, 2 and so on)

     I'm trying to build a chart to reflect the patient's weight progression per visit. Ie, the x axis is the visit (5 in all) and the y axis is the weight in pounds. However, the problem I'm having is that there only seems to be one field available to input on the x axis. I'm trying to have all the dates arranged on the bottom for visit 1, 2, etc with the bars going upward to reflect the weight of the patient. Hope I'm explaining this clearly...I know there's a (change axis option) way around it (although not sure how this works), but I want the visit dates at the bottom and the weight amt at the left....can anyone puleeeeez shed some light on this?

     THANKS in advance, FM friends!