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    Charts and Sub-summary Data



      Charts and Sub-summary Data


      I am sure there is an easy way to do it but I have been working on it for a couple of hours for no joy.  I need a new perspective.

      I have a table of players that includes two fields - team and year of birth

      What I want to be able to do is have a column chart that shows the number of each players for each year of birth in each team i.e.

      red 1995 - 10, 1996 - 12, 1997 - 18

      blue 1995 - 12, 1996, 14, 1997 -16 etc.

      I have created a summary field that counts the number of year records and have been able to then use this to create a report showing this information sorted by Team then by Year of Birth

      The problem comes trying to represent this in a chart form.  I am only able to get the table showing by year of birth OR total by team.

      I have tried setting up with y series, changing the sort order, the x axis data.

      Any ideas???

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          You've hit one of the more critical limitations of what FileMaker can do to chart summarized data. You can only sort on a single field to get the groups that are then summarized to get your Y-Series of data. Sorting on two fields doesn't work. One work around is to concoct a calculation field that combines the data from your two sort fields into one value that groups and sorts them the way you want them for the chart and then use that calculation field to sort your records.

          In your case, depending on whether you want to see them grouped first by year or first by team, you might try:

          Team & Year


          Year & Team

          as your calculation field with "text" as your result type. (Use 4 digit years)

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            Thanks Phil

            Yes this rings a bell with something I was looking into a while ago.  Was sort of hoping that there may have been an ability to do such a thing added recently.

            Will use your method although it is not as neat as I would have liked.