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    Charts from a Value List



      Charts from a Value List


           I am creating a chart that reports employees by gender.  It's a simple pie chart.  For some reason, when I create the chart, it lists ALL male and ALL female empoyees instead of the total for each.  Do I have to specify this as a calculation?  I thought the whole purpose of the chart is to calculate the totals of each each value in the category list (male, female) and output a percentage... FM thinks differently, as always.  haha...

           Either way, attached is a visual.


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               FileMaker is doing exactly what you told it to do, just not what you want it to do. wink

               For your slice data, you need to specify a summary field that "counts" your gender field or any other field in the table that is never empty.

               Then your data source needs to refer to "current found set" and and "summarized groups of records".

               Then be sure to sort your records by the Gender field to group them by gender.

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                 Thank you for your reply.  I'm still not going about this the right way.


                 I've created a calculated field called GenderCalc, and the formula I used was Count ( Gender ).  What I'm not sure on how to do is to get FM to count all males and all females.  I'm still getting a (quite beautiful) multicolored chart.  I may be using the incorrect formula too...  

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                   Do not use the count function. (Look it up in help to learn why.)

                   Define a field of type summary that "counts" your gender field.

                   Sort your records by Gender to sort them into groups for your gender categories.

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                     That did exactly what I needed!  And I can apply that to a few other charts as well.  Thanks so much!  I'll check out the help file to learn why not to use function.

                     As always - thank you!

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                       It's a matter of syntax. Count ( Gender ) will produce values of only one if  the current record has data or 0, if the field is empty for the current record. Count requires a relationship to count values from multiple records--as is true of any aggregate function.