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Charts per Client showing Invoices per month

Question asked by GrahamKeogh on Apr 28, 2015


Charts per Client showing Invoices per month


Hi all

I am trying to achieve something that is on the Dashboard layout that comes with the starter solution for Invoices within fmp13. I want to be able to have a graph that shows the invoice amounts per month per client, so as you scroll through each client, it would display each ones different sent of data.

I currently have a portal that shows invoices raised under that client. But for reporting I feel a chart would be very handy. The problem I am finding is that the invoices are part of my Quotations table and are defined by a 'Type' field. I have tried to use the starter solution code but I am stumped, and don't know how to relate or link between the two in relation to the chart.

Also wondering what is the best way to show a total on the same page that shows a summary of the invoice amounts per client (like the starter solution). 

Any help would be great!