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Charts: Best way to set up continuous X-Axis values?

Question asked by jonasg on Sep 27, 2010
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Charts: Best way to set up continuous X-Axis values?



using FM11's charts, I'm trying to plot some data (Y-Axis) against a linear sequence of X-values. Example:

I want to plot a project's completion over time, using a table progress_over_time(date_recorded, progress). Although the diagram works as it should, it does not display GAPS in the data table. This issue is described here:

Charting dates

There must be one or more workarounds for this. I'm just wondering if anyone has ideas for what works best. Some problems to consider:

1. Getting a daily data point. I could create/overwrite a record with today's progress via script whenever the file is opened. However, opening it on monday will leave a 2-day data gap if no one touched the file over the weekend. Maybe said create/overwrite-script could fill in a data point for every day since it was last opened, but that would lead to the next problem:

2. When filling gaps between data values A and B, one needs to create a smooth, linear transition of values so that there are no sudden jumps in the graph...

3. (most importantly) What is the most elegant way to create a list of all days, starting from the first to the last available progress record?

I'm afraid the answers might be "scripts, scripts, scripts" (and I could probably do it that way), but it just doesn't seem very elegant to me. I prefer working with the relationship graph, as you never know if a script gets interrupted (not even mentioning IWP issues).

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!