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    Charts: Really that complex?



      Charts: Really that complex?


      Fairly new to FM, but at a point I wanted to add a few charts -- working with large dataset.  It would appear that for most Series on a bar chart - non numeric --  you have to create a new field, summary field, for each "bar" you want to see  .. unlike many programs that figures that out for you.  Anyone know of any easy way to create charts w/o adding new fields to count/sum the data?   If I want calendar of months on the X-AXIS for 24 months and number of events per month on the Y-AXIS, I need to create 24 new fields representing the months on the X-AXIS?  Does that mean you need to know a priori start month and stop month.  Any thoughts?   


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          I have a bar chart that charts total monthly disbursements over a 12 month period and don't need 12 different fields in order to do this.

          You can set things up so that each bar represents a group of data that uses a summary field (orpossibly a calculaiton field that uses GetSummary) to report the needed subtotals. The same summary field or summary field, calculation field with get summary pair of fields would server for all the bars in your chart.

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            Thanks, I will have to try something like that.   I was beginning to wonder there must be some tricks or collective brilliance to charting, to semi-quote a movie line, "This product may actually cause an entire generation to return to "pencil and paper" .. it's needed, it's welcome, but it's not straight forward.