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Charts: Really that complex?

Question asked by JoelCornette on Jan 29, 2011
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Charts: Really that complex?


Fairly new to FM, but at a point I wanted to add a few charts -- working with large dataset.  It would appear that for most Series on a bar chart - non numeric --  you have to create a new field, summary field, for each "bar" you want to see  .. unlike many programs that figures that out for you.  Anyone know of any easy way to create charts w/o adding new fields to count/sum the data?   If I want calendar of months on the X-AXIS for 24 months and number of events per month on the Y-AXIS, I need to create 24 new fields representing the months on the X-AXIS?  Does that mean you need to know a priori start month and stop month.  Any thoughts?