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    Check Answers Before going to next Layout



      Check Answers Before going to next Layout


      Hey Everyone,


       I have a form on my one layout thats a series of questions. At the very end i have a continue button which brings you to the next layout . This layout shows you the results. However, certain users are missing certain fields on the form and proceeding on. I do have all the fields as to be required. Is their a way i can have a script on the continue button that will check all the fields to make sure they are filled before proceeding to the next layout? Thanks.




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          Yes and you could also use validation settings in field options to make these fields required values if you wish.

          A script can do the following:

          If [ Not ( IsEmpty ( table::field1 ) or IsEmpty ( table::field2 ) or ... ) //continue this pattern until every such field is listed ]
             Go To Layout [//select a layout here]
             Show Custom Dialog ["Some required fields do not yet have a value"]
          End If

          You can also use conditional formatting to change the fill color of all empty required fields. This then provides an automatic "highlight" to identify which fields still need a value.