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    Check Box Calculations



      Check Box Calculations


      Hi, I am new to fileMaker and am learning out of a book,

      Can some one point me in the correct direction regarding checkbox set calculations. I have a checkbox set representing toll roads and wish to calculate the sum dollar value from the tolls further to check boxes being selected. I am having trouble identifying the status of the individual check boxes in the field so I can then apply them to a formula. The dollar value for each toll road can be part of the calculation or referenced from a separate table of toll road charges.

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          I would not use a single field formatted with a group of check boxes for this. The multiple selected values are stored as text with each value separated by a return character. This will make working with this data complicated. 

          Using a portal to a related table with one record per toll road would be a lot simpler. 

          Here's how you would verify that "Turnpike 87" was a selected check box:

          not isempty ( filterValues ( yourtable::checkboxfield ;  "Turnpike 87" ) )