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Check box not appearing in Table view

Question asked by philntheblanks on Dec 7, 2014
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Check box not appearing in Table view


I am trying to display a field in a table view of my solution.

I want the field to display as a checkbox and I have created my field and value list which displays properly in a form view.

I even have older fields in the solutions that I created the exact same way. However when I add this new field  (Solo)  to the table it does not display a checkbox, instead it displays the text a value name.

I've tried duplicating existing fields that display properly now, changing their names of the field and values but the field will still not display as a checkbox in the table. 

I've even deleted Fields in the table that are displaying properly then tried to re-insert them into the table but they too wiill not display as a checkbox as they did before.

What am I missing?