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    Check box set - summary counts



      Check box set - summary counts




           I was hoping someone may be able to help with this problem. 

           I have a checkbox set with 12 options (not exclusive - i.e. you could 0, 1, 4 or all 12 options). 

           I have 1203 records and in each record is a part with the above check box set. 

           What I am trying to do is generate a summary that will provide me with the total number of times each box has been ticked. 



           option 1 - 410

           option 2 - 223



           option 12 - 55



           can anyone help me with this - thank you in advance


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                    I have 1203 records and in each record is a part with the above check box set.

               Ouch! Unfortunately, the design choice you made are not optimum choices for such a summary report. If each value in your check box represented a different related record, your summary report would be very easy to produce, but putting all the values in a single field is not nearly so flexible.

               One option would be to set up a looping script to copy that data into such a table.

               The other approach would be to add 24 more fields to your table. Here's what you would use to count the records with an "Age > 79" value selected:

               Define a calculation field, cAgeGT79Flag, with a number result type and this expression:

               Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( YourCheckboxFieldHere ; "Age > 79" ) )

               Define a summary field to compute the total of cAgeGT79Flag

               Now repeat that 12 more times...

               For a better way to structure such survey or questionnaire type database designs: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.