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Check box sets

Question asked by DavidTory on May 8, 2014
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Check box sets


     I have multiple category values per contact in a check box on the contact record.

     I want to import a set of  categories for a number of the contacts that already have checked values for other categories.

     When I import the new set it wipes out the other checked categories for a found contact.

     For example: I have 10000 contacts. Categories include among many others, "Student", "Eventattendee", Donor.

     I want to add (check off) 500 "Donors" to the relevant Contacts records, some of which are already checked off as "Student"s and/or "Eventattendee".

     How do I import those 500 donors without eliminating the other categories already checked for the same contacts?

     I'm not particularly keen on checking each one by hand.