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    Check box that changes the table fields reference.



      Check box that changes the table fields reference.




      I am new to filemaker pro but have some experience with MS Access and Excel.  I am learning FM pro 11 and want to know if something is possible as I build someting for a very patient client.

      Essentially its very similar to the free filemaker pro starter solution called Invovice.

      What currently happens is that the form for creating an invoice is fed of an existing table from customers.  My client has many walk in customers so having to complete the customer form efore the invoice form just doesn't make sense for him.    However, retaining notes and information regarding his existing customers is important (he is a hair dresser and need to keep track of cuts, photos, and hair dye solutions.) 

      So my thought process led me to believe an easy solution would be to have the form change based on a check box.  The box will be called "walk in."  When checked he can popiate the fields on the invovice form and it updates the customer table, when unchecked the fields pull from the existing customer table.

      Anyone have any thoughts on how I can make this happen? 



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          There are several ways you could do that. One option is to create two different layouts for starting an invoice. A button on the layouts can switch layouts so you can have a "walk in" button on your regular customer layout and a "regular customer" button on your walk in layout. Both layouts can be based on the same invoice table, but you can devise a number of options for handling the customer data from your walk in customers. The data entered can be used to create a new record in the regular customers table. It can populate normal fields defined in the invoices table or it can populate field in a related "walk in customer" table. They can even be fields in the regular customer table and a script creates the new record in customers and puts the new record's ID into the match field of the current invoice record. Then filling in a customer name, etc. is input directly into the customer table to start a new customer record for your walk in client.