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Check Boxes

Question asked by Molly on Jan 3, 2010
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Check Boxes


This will sounds like a pathetic question, and I apologise. I want to use Filemaker to help me manage a dataset - to retrive some market information (the point being I'm not a database designer - I just know it has to be beter than using Excel for this)


So - I have imported my excel data, and I have set fields for the customer number, name, DOB, postcode etc - but I need each record to have one or more purchases recorded. They are theatre ticket buyers, so one customer may have bought a ticket for 8 different performances over a year, and I'd like each performance named - and then a check box (I assume), so that of the set of 15 titles I can "check" as many as they have attended.


I have got as far as creating a checkbox, but have no idea what "value" it requires  - basically, I don't understand and reading instructions is not helping me!


At present the data gives me multiple lines on a spread sheet when one customer has made several purchases - each customer has a number, and then a line for each show they have seen - so when they are imported they come over as duplicates - so I was assuming I would have to clear the dups somehow, then manually check the boxes working from the excel sheets. Its under 1,000 at the moment


Make sense to anyone - sorry...