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    Check boxes down and then across



      Check boxes down and then across


           Hi All,

           I am unsure how to lay this out and help would be appreciated.

           I would like to have a column of descriptions down, and values to the right.

           In this case it is to describe possible employees.  The info needed is to describe
           an employee's moods. ( For example).  I have only () rows noted, but could use more.

           Can any one help?
           Here is a sampling of a list of attitudes a possible employee may have. I need to calculate
           the values. LIKE, if I Check any or all of the descriptors, I get added info. Please read on.

           If an employee is

           [    ]   Happy

           [    ]   Complacent

           [    ]   Introverted

           [    ]  Extrovert


           AND, if any of the above boxes are check, a second level of valued boxes would appear next to the one checked, i.e.

           [ x  ]    Happy    [    ] 5        [     ]  4     [  x  ]  3     [    ] 2      [   ]   1           Total  =   3   (only 1 valued is selected) and placed as a total of the choice level of HAPPY.
           So, if Happy is checked, the Values in the Happy row would appear and a Value level and totaled as selected.

           This action will repeat for the the other categories,  Complacent, Introverted, Extrovert.
           The right side values would only appear if the LEFT hand column are selected and then to give a Total.

           At the end of each row, is the totals with the final grand totals to sum each line checked and totalled.

           It might look like this:                                                           TOTALS

           [ x]  Happy               [   ]5    [   ]4   [x  ]3    [   ]2   [  ]1               3

           [ x]  Complacent      [   ]5     [ x ]4  [   ]3   [   ] 2    [  ]1               4

           [ x]  Introverted        [   ]5     [  ]4   [  ] 3   [  ] 2      [x ]1              1

           [   ]  Extrovert          [    ]5    [   ] 4  [   ]3   [  ]2       [  ]1               0

            (3) Selected                                                       Grand Total   8

           The Categories will then be used for graphs and statis.

           Is this something do able

           Any help would be appreciated.

           Tks GD

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               The horizontal set would be better formatted as a radio button set of values as it does not make sense for a user to select two numeric values for the same category.

               While you could set up one field for the Vertical set of values and then one corresponding number field for each of the horizontal sets, it will be much more flexible a set up (and easier to tabulate and analyze results) if you set up a related table for this. Each record would have at least 4 Fields:

               A Number field for selecting a given personality trait. A text field for naming that trait, a number field for recording the numeric rating and then a match field for linking it to the employee record. The resulting set can then be placed in a portal. The first field can be formatted with a check box format with a single value, the number 1 specified and the field can be sized so that only the check box is visible.Conditional formatting can then make the radio button field's values appear/disappear by changing the font size to a very large font size to make them disappear.